Initiatives corresponding to this priority emphasize the interconnections between faculty development and student success. A high-quality learning environment for students grows from faculty expertise, support, and satisfaction across rank and series. These initiatives also prioritize assessment that attends to student success and experience, and builds linkages to the common curriculum, 4 dimensional student experience, and student affairs colleagues. Highlights from faculty data sources which correspond to this theme are included below. 



think moving to R1 will have negative impact on “faculty engagement with Undergraduates”


think moving to R1 will have a positive impact on “faculty engagement with Graduate Students”


of faculty who view R1 as negative do so because it will, “sacrific[e]… student experience”


Faculty expressed significant dissatisfaction on measures related to service that supports student success, such as :

  • number of students [they] advise/mentor
  • support…institution has offered… to be a good advisor to students
  • [whether] advising responsibilities are distributed equitably across faculty in [their] department

Faculty expressed low engagement on measures related to department collegiality, such as how often they engaged within their department in conversations about:

  • Undergraduate student learning
  • Graduate student learning
  • Effective teaching practices
  • Effective use of technology