Kate Willink is the University’s Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and an Associate Professor of Communication Studies. The Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs (VPFA) works closely with the Interim Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor and faculty members across the university to support the continued excellence of DU faculty by enhancing faculty development initiatives, increasing faculty diversity, and building a strong, inclusive, and collaborative faculty community. Through collaboration and innovation, Kate works closely with deans and department heads to recruit and retain high-quality faculty, support faculty career advancement, and to create collaborative department cultures that support transparency, equity, trust and belonging.

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The You Rock! program encourages faculty and staff to recognize each other for small and large accomplishments.

What we do

The VPFA welcomes and orients new faculty to DU; coordinates faculty development programs across campus; serves as a central resource for information about faculty and faculty policies; supports deans and department leaders with searches, hiring, retention, and advancement; assists faculty with grievances; offers programs to orient new academic leaders; supports programs to enhance teaching; and works with departments, colleges, and other offices to enhance faculty experiences. We work with academic leaders across campus to enhance DU’s efforts to support faculty.


In spring of 2019, DU joined the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE), based at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. COACHE, a consortium of more than 200 colleges and universities, is a research initiative committed to supporting senior academic officers in developing best faculty recruitment and talent management practices.


The Symposium Implementation Initiatives are building significant initiatives that will serve the institution, units, and faculty for years to come. We hope these initiatives, building on the summer symposium, will train and support chairs and departments and make meaningful changes for all faculty at the local unit level.

News and updates



In late July, the COACHE executive committee will be sharing unit level results with deans and any of their leadership teams/faculty who you would like to include. We look...

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Symposium Update

Symposium Update

In May 2020, Interim Provost Corinne Lengsfeld and Incoming Provost Mary Clark, received mid-year presentations from all the symposium committees. Some of these initiatives have...

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Revision of APT Language

The proposed amendments to the APT, in response to COVID-19, were approved by the Board of Trustees at their April meeting and are now in effect allowing certain faculty to...

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The Provost’s Office is taking requests for changes due to COVID. Those will go to the September 23rd FEAC meetings for approval, so we would need no later than two weeks prior...

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We would love to hear from you, your office, and/or faculty within your departments to learn more about your unit, and to hear hopes and concerns of faculty.