Adjunct Teaching Excellence Program & Certificate

What is ATEP (Adjunct Teaching Excellence Program)?

Based on a model at Boise State University and DU’s University College, this program provides a pathway for DU’s adjunct faculty to demonstrate their teaching skills, develop and reflect on their practice, and earn a certification of their teaching excellence. This expands DUs commitment to investing in the professional development of our adjunct series faculty who play a significant role in the student experience and in the classroom. 

Part-time faculty offer their subject-matter expertise, pedagogical skills, and support for DU’s students, advancing our mission to be a private university devoted to the public good. We cannot sustain transformative education or R1 “our way” without recognizing and developing our adjunct faculty members. Often in R1 institutions the perception of the adjunct professorial series an as institutional outsiders increased as research TT are valued more. DU has a committed pool of adjuncts necessary to the teaching enterprise and to our overall workforce. Investing in their success is important to retaining a high-quality adjunct faculty pool and engaging experts and professionals in the learning experience to help train the next generation of practitioners.

The Adjunct Faculty Teaching Excellence program, designed by the Office of Teaching and Learning and Faculty Affairs in the Office of the Provost, merges from our commitment to investing in the professional development of our adjunct series faculty. This program promotes growth as a scholarly and reflective teacher, offers opportunity for community building and integrative reflection.

Participation and Stipends 

Starting in September 2022, the program will launch with both synchronous and asynchronous options in six competency areas:

UDL and Accessibility

Teaching with Technology

Inclusive Teaching Practices


Designing for Learning

Professional Identity

This curated set of professional development opportunities is selected for part-time instructors. Faculty participants will have a year to complete this program and will receive a $250 stipend and a Teaching Excellence Certificate.

If you already signed up, you should see the Adjunct Teaching Excellence Course appear in your Canvas. If it does not, contact Terese Rainwater to be added use the new form below.

Program Details

The certificate program is accessed through a Canvas course, which articulates the goals, learning outcomes, and requirements.

Start Date 

We expect to launch in early September. 


The program entails completing coursework in 5 competencies, each of which corresponds to a module in Canvas. 

Synchronous/Asynchronous Offering

Each competency will have both synchronous and asynchronous offerings.


Faculty choose from the menu of (at least) 2 offerings per competency or qualifying course.


We expect each offering to take 1 – 2 hours to complete. Anticipated total time commitment: 6-12 hours.

Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL) Course

OTL offers more intensive courses that have larger time commitments (and are optional)  but that also will meet the Teaching Excellence Certificate requirements.


A calendar of competencies and qualifying courses is forthcoming.

Stipend and Certificate

Faculty who complete the course will receive $250 and a Teaching Excellence Certificate.


The DU Community will gather in Spring ’23 to celebrate the inaugural cohort of faculty who completed the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions, please email Terese Rainwater at 

How do I get invited to participate in ATEP?

If you are teaching a course at DU as an adjunct faculty member you can sign up for the course by completing this pre-test . 

When will I receive my certificate and stipend?

You will receive your certificate and stipend at the Spring 2023 Celebration which will be in-person at DU.  

What if I cannot attend the celebration?

Your certificate and stipend will be sent digitally and via regular mail. 

What is required of me in this program?

Complete a series of curated professional development opportunities offered by the Office of Teaching and Learning and Faculty Affairs, including asynchronous opportunities and activities tailored for part-time instructors. 

How do I access the ATEP canvas course?

Complete the pre-survey. When you have completed the pre-survey, you have access to the course. To self-enroll, click on the link at the end of the survey to access the Canvas course. 

Do I have to complete the pre-survey to enroll in the course?

Yes, you must complete the pre-survey. It is the only way to gain access to the link that will take you to the Canvas course. 

Do I have to fill out the post-survey?

Yes. Without completing the post-survey, you cannot complete the course, and therefore will not get a certificate or stipend. 

Why can’t I access the post-survey?

The post-survey is only accessible when you have completed five of the modules. 

How many modules do I need to complete?

Five of the six modules must be completed to complete the course. 

Do I have to complete all the modules offered?

No, you don’t. You get to choose which five of the six modules are best suited to your teaching. 

How do I indicate which modules I wish to complete?

No need to indicate. Just complete five (5) modules and then you will be invited to complete a final survey which signals the program’s end.  

How do I know what my progress is in the program?

Your progress is tracked in the program through the gradebook. Check here to see which modules you have completed and their status. 

What happens when I cannot make time to attend any of the module sessions?

Every module has an asynchronous option available for them. If it is easier or fits better for your schedule to complete the asynchronous option, feel free to do so. 

Can I use one event for two separate modules?

No. You must complete each module using one of the options in that module to earn the certificate. 

What if I cannot complete the course in this academic year?

If you started the course this year but cannot complete it until the next academic year, you will receive your stipend next year. You will not have to retake any of the modules you have completed, and you will have all the next academic year to complete the course. 

Adjunct Faculty Teaching Excellence Program

We’re so glad you want to complete this teaching excellence program for part-time faculty! Please follow this link to complete a qualtrics survey and a code you can use to enroll in the canvas course.