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DU Faculty Members at Home

The University of Denver offers many different benefits for faculty members and their families. This includes robust health care and retirement options, but also tuition waivers and on-campus discounts. See also additional resources for DU families, such as on campus daycare, parental leave, self care activities, and support for emergency care needs. There is an on-campus daycare and school, but both them and the local childcare facilities have lengthy wait lists and can be expensive. Denver is also a good place to live for those without children, because of the many social, cultural, and recreational opportunities. It also boasts an international airport, making traveling outside the country much easier.

The Denver metro area has a vibrant economy with multiple industries, including education and technology; find more opportunities through job boards like this one from the Denver Chamber of Commerce. Housing can be a challenge in the Denver metro area; over the past ten years, housing and rent prices, along with cost-of-living in general have increased. As with many urban centers, Denver has a history of urban planning that has often displaced existing communities, particularly of color, and so choosing a neighborhood can pose ethical as well as financial challenges. DU scholars often engage with these questions in their scholarship.

Faculty also consider school districts and transportation when selecting a place to live; the RTD ecopass makes it easy to take public transportation to work. Denver has a school choice  program, which expands the range of where parents can live, but also can be a challenge to navigate. This map offers percentages of racial and ethnic diversity across Denver. Areas such as the Santa Fe Arts District and Five Points are historic and current cultural centers for the LatinX and Black communities, respectively. Although there is still growth to be made, Denver is known generally as an LGBTQ+ friendly city, with prominent nightlife and a history of activism and celebration. Although many in Denver are unaffiliated with a religious group, there are opportunities to worship or join a congregation for a wide range of religious affiliations, including Mainline Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Mormon, Unitarian Universalist, Bahá’í, Buddhist, Jewish, and Hindu.