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Teaching and Research at DU

Faculty members at the University of Denver embody the teacher-scholar model. The teacher scholar model means faculty provide transformative learning experiences for students, without sacrificing their research goals. As an R2 research institution on an upward trajectory, DU values scholarly work and our faculty are at the cutting edges of their fields, but we also value the learning student experience through initiatives like 4D , part of DU Impact 2025. Faculty support students engaging in high impact practices, like undergraduate research, or, in many programs, to mentor graduate students. The University of Denver is small enough that faculty can work cross-departmentally, giving research projects an interdisciplinary lens. The University of Denver supports faculty by awarding grants, such as the Faculty Research Fund or Professional Research Opportunities for Faculty, and individual colleges provide other research support. Additional funding opportunities for research can be found here, or through partnerships with the Office of Research and Supported Programs.


Why Faculty Thrive at the University of Denver

Our Mission, Vision, and Values center the common good and inclusivity, put into action through the five strategic imperatives.  The University of Denver supports faculty members throughout their careers. The VPFA’s office provides support for faculty in all series as they begin their work at DU,  during consequential reviews, and promotion and/or tenure processes. Along with 1-1 consultations, workshops, and policy advocacy, we work to make the “hidden curriculum” of higher education visible, and support mentoring initiatives.  We also offer programming, resources, and guides to common concerns like getting promotion, balancing work with other commitments, and finding mentors:

The Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL), under the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, offers programming and customized support to support the growth of new faculty members in the classroom, across all modalities. Along with Faculty Learning Communities, OTL offers the Faculty Institute for Inclusive Teaching, consultations with instructional designers, and peer support in the classroom. Our institutional membership to the National Institute for Faculty Development and Diversity provides access to intensive resources for setting priorities and flourishing in the academy, especially for first-generation faculty.

DU is committed to fostering an meaningfully inclusive campus. The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is an important source for support for DU Faculty. Check out their list of Faculty and Staff Affinity Groups to find support from colleagues who share identities or the Interdisciplinary Research Center for the Study of Inequality for ways to link your values with your scholarship and teaching. Other partners like the DU LatinX Center often grant support once you arrive, along with opportunities to connect with the local LatinX community.