Student Evaluation of Teaching Questions Related to DEI

Oct 4, 2022

As DU departments and units work to advance teaching excellence and inclusive teaching, it’s helpful to see the myriad ways programs across campus are gathering student perspectives on DEI. 


Assistant Director of Faculty Data Support at the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis, Katie Schroeder collated a list of DEI-related questions included on teaching evaluations across campus. Consider how these questions may be adapted to your context, as you seek to understand student feedback on the classroom: 


  • The instructor created an environment where my contributions were valued. (Daniels) 
  • The instructor provided content illustrating diversity and inclusion in the course during the quarter. (Daniels) 
  • Course materials, which may include readings, lectures, videos, guest speakers, activities, etc., represented the intersectionality of diverse voices and perspectives. (GSSW) 
  • The instructor facilitated conversations linking the course content to issues of power, privilege, and oppression. (GSSW) 
  • How well did your instructor engage students and handle difficult conversations related to power, privilege, or oppression in class? (GSSW) 
  • This course engaged a variety of disciplinary perspectives and enhanced my understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of religious studies. (RLGN) 
  • This course included resources, theories, methodologies, or knowledge from underrepresented groups. (RLGN) 
  • This course incorporated attention to issues of structural racism and other forms of exclusion against traditionally marginalized groups. (Korbel) 
  • How well did your instructor incorporate culturally competent perspectives into the course content, classroom discussion, and/or assignments? (GSPP) 
  • Are there ways that the instructor fostered an environment where all students—including yourself—were treated with respect and their questions and perspectives welcomed? (GSPP) 
  • Are there ways in which the instructor undermined an environment where all students—including yourself—were treated with respect and their questions and perspectives welcomed?  (GSPP) 
  • The instructor linked course content to issues of power, privilege, and oppression.  (Morgridge) 
  • This course increased my understanding of the complexity of intercultural interactions. (INTZ) 
  • After completing this course, I am better able to identify my own cultural rules and behaviors. (INTZ) 
  • In this course, I gained an ability to integrate and apply knowledge or skills from multiple perspectives to address complex topics or problems. (ASEM) 
  • The course enhanced my knowledge of human history, diversity, and culture. (ANTH) 
  • The course introduced and examined multiple perspectives. (LLC) 
  • The course experience provided an inclusive environment for learning. (FSEM) 
  • The course enhanced my respect for multiple perspectives. (FSEM) 
  • The course content reflects diverse perspectives. (UCOL) 
  • The instructor created an inclusive learning environment that included diverse perspectives.  (UCOL) 

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