Promotion and Tenure Simulation Follow-Up

Oct 29, 2022

Thank you for attending the “Identify & Respond to Bias” workshop last week. Attendees participated in an engaging lecture and discussion regarding how bias affects hiring and tenure decisions, before joining in a one-hour EAB-facilitated simulation activity to practice identifying and responding to biases. All participants received a cognitive bias reference sheet and annotated bibliography to take home after the session, with the shared resources and a link to the recorded event below:


Click here for the recorded event

Passcode: cd60jz^&


Resources from the event

  1. The slide deck we used that the workshop
  2. Two follow up resources (Dossier Cheat Sheet and an Annotated Bibliography on Identifying Bias)
  3. A sample deck of the BIPOC Faculty Recruitment workshop. There are a few sample institutional practices in this research that will be of interest to some of your team based on the comment today.


Shared Resources (From the chat)

DU Library Activity Insight:

UC Berkeley Community Engaged Research Assessment:

Please encourage your faculty colleagues who are serving on PTR committees to view this video before they begin deliberations and feel free to share these resources widely.

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