Human Resources and Inclusive Community (HRIC) and People Development

Dec 8, 2020

By Ken Pinnock, Director of the People Development Department

Questions can arise when working with any employer, perhaps more so with a large and complex institution such as the University. Resources exist to support the good work you do, two of which are your HR Partner and the People Development Department.

If you have a question or concern about something at work, touch base with your HR Partner. This team is a great resource to explore questions and concerns about any number of matters that can arise in the workplace day-to-day. Each division has a designated partner to connect with. This unit is a conduit to other specialty teams within HRIC. One of note is People Development.

If you want to explore ideas in more detail and are not sure where to begin, look at the People Development Department. This team’s focus is development and growth and, at times, “getting un-stuck” whether as an individual, unit, or as part of an organization. Resources include mentoring, individual coaching and problem-solving, team building. It offers a place to ask questions and explore all of the resources available around the University. If you have a question, challenge, or something you are exploring with a colleague or manager and are not sure where to begin or how to start, contact Ken Pinnock (, Director of the People Development Department.