DEI Mandatory Training

Aug 28, 2020

All faculty, including all series, adjuncts, and graduate teaching assistants, must complete a mandatory one-hour Faculty Institute for Inclusive Teaching (FIIT) training before Monday, September 14th, the first day of classes.

There are 8 modules in the training. For each module faculty are expected to:

  • Complete a pre-assessment question,
  • Choose one topic, based on your interest, in each module for which you complete a reflection prompt, and
  • Complete the post-assessment question. Once this is done for each module, you will receive a badge, and the next module will open.

Once you have done this for all 8 modules, the required 1-hour training will be complete. As a gift, upon completing the required training, you will receive unlimited access to the Tiny Guides embedded in the course.

Because this is self-paced, you could easily spend MUCH longer than an hour, however, the course is designed for you to complete the basic requirements in one hour. Plan on spending about 7.5 minutes per module.

Should you like to dig deeper, fully explore ALL topics, and complete ALL reflection prompts, you will earn an Inclusive Teaching Certificate.

The Office of Teaching and Learning Inclusive Teaching Practices also offers modular learning opportunities to further support faculty members in developing the necessary knowledge-base to enact inclusive praxis while succeeding in critical roles throughout their academic life-cycles

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