Jun 13, 2020

The Provost’s Office is taking requests for changes due to COVID. Those will go to the September 23rd FEAC meetings for approval, so we would need no later than two weeks prior to the meeting in order for the provost to approve and then place them on the board agendas. The process is the faculty emails their chair (if applicable) with their request to change from say Fall 20 to Fall 21 and notes the reason for the change, the chair approves, sends to dean for their approval, dean approves and sends to the provost/Kate/Kristi for approval; Kristi puts on FEAC agenda, notification of approval follows board meeting. When possible, faculty are encouraged to let deans know as soon as possible, as it affects teaching plans for next year.

It is okay to put Fall 20 sabbaticals on the September agenda even though it’s basically after the fact. We’ve done it many times before in the pre-COVID world. We usually do this on a case-by-case basis and normally there’s just a few but it’s picked up in our new world with all the travel restrictions, etc. If a sabbatical switch means that the faculty member will be taking a sabbatical over two fiscal years, the budget officer will need to adjust so that each quarter of sabbatical is charged to the proper fiscal year.

If a faculty member delays sabbatical, the clock for the next sabbatical will remain on the original timing (it will not be delayed).