Working Across Campus and the Digital Divide to Provide Students Internet Access

Apr 3, 2020

On 28 March, Maik Nwosu, chair of English & Literary Arts, emailed me to let me know about a first-year doctoral student who did not have wireless internet at home. The student lived in the Navajo Nation in New Mexico and reported that it was difficult to find companies that could provide service in his location. I emailed Theresa Hernandez to see if she had any suggestions. Theresa in turn contacted Ryan Garrett to see if he had any solutions. Ryan in turn contacted Janelle Doughty, director of the GSSW Four Corners program in Durango, and Carla Hase, assistant director. Carla connected us with one of her students, who provided some suggestions for possible providers, and the English student was able to set up a working internet connection and is now having Zoom sessions with Maik.

– Ingrid Tague, Associate Dean, CAHSS

Graphic illustrating internet access collaboration process