The Morgridge Teaching Evaluation Model

Feb 18, 2020

From Norma Hafenstein, PhD, Daniel L. Ritchie Endowed Chair in Gifted Education, Morgridge College of Education:

The Morgridge Teaching Evaluation Model was designed to acknowledge the depth and breadth of elements leading to excellence in teaching.  This model was developed through collaboration of multiple faculty throughout the Morgridge College of Education and has been implemented in various forms throughout the College.  Links are provided to an extensive presentation on the model and its development, two different presentations given at national conferences utilizing the model, and to an evaluative rubric for analysis of content responses.

The Morgridge Teaching Evaluation Model is organized around four quadrants of information:  Professionalism, Instruction: Planning and Delivery, Assessment of Learning, and Learning Environment.

Morgridge Teaching Evaluation Model

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Each of these quadrants is considered in concert with the others during evaluation. Submission of multiple artifacts to demonstrate growth toward excellence are encouraged. Narrative comments framing and supporting this integrated conceptualization of teaching are expected in Activity Insight. A rubric for comprehensive analysis of content is provided to guide both analysis and development.


As this model is further implemented and utilized, we expect the application of a continuous improvement process and, as such, welcome comments and feedback to (

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