Symposium Implementation

Oct 18, 2019

Why This Matters:

2019 Faculty Symposium Participants

Provost Facuty Senate gathering

To increase faculty leadership opportunities, we invited faculty to join five professional development initiatives. We are hoping for diverse representation from across campus. If faculty are interested, they need to complete the survey by October 21st at 5pm


Please encourage faculty with relevant expertise or leadership potential to fill out the survey if they would like to join one of the initiatives. Past chairs, directors, or assistant/associate deans as well as faculty with future leadership potential would be great partners.

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During the Provost Faculty Senate reception on October 3rd, 80 faculty learned about the Symposium Implementation Initiatives and the $40K support from the Office of the Provost for faculty serving on these committees to build significant initiatives that will serve the institution, units, and faculty for years to come. This is a great example of rewarding faculty expertise and building internal leadership and training, mentoring and networking. We hope these initiatives, building on the summer symposium, will train and support chairs and departments and make meaningful changes for all faculty at the local unit level.On Monday, Oct. 14th, all appointed faculty received the following email, which includes a formal call for participation to all faculty and charges for each working group. Faculty can also reach out to Kate Willink or Darrin Hicks to express interest or ask questions. In late October, Faculty Senate President Darrin Hicks, VPFA Kate Willink, and Interim Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Corinne Lengsfeld will seat the committees. More information and access to the readings is available to all DU community members by logging into DU portfolio and visiting the symposium portfolio site.

Resources that resulted from the symposium

Information on faculty affinity groups

Information on effective departmental decision making

PowerPoint presentation from event

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