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Leadership Training and Support: Focus on Teaching and Professional Faculty

This training supports Chairs, Directors, Associate Deans and other faculty leaders as essential supports for faculty as they navigate change, especially in relation to the promotion process. There is need for additional mentoring and transparency for expectations for TPF faculty as identified in COACHE and beyond and for promotion from associate to full professor . 

Faculty Leaders, such as chairs and directors, will:

  • administer and analyze results from the University of Southern California’s Pullias Center’s survey instrument
  • participate in workshops and community-of-practice activities.
  • implement the TPF faculty mentoring model developed by the TPF MOARS symposium group
  • publicly present their work to the DU community, including academic unit stakeholders

Participating leaders will be eligible for a stipend once they complete and share this work. 

Expectations and Commitment: 

The first year program is anticipated to launch in Spring 2022, with a kickoff. Chairs, Directors, and/or Associate Deans will be expected to administer the survey instrument by Fall 2022, and bring the results to a Fall workshop where they will analyze them with support from peers and outside facilitators. Using these results and drawing on the TPF faculty mentoring model, they will take concrete steps towards implementing the model in Winter 2023, and present their results at the “kickoff” event for the Year 2 cohort in Spring 2023. 

Chairs, directors, or other leaders who have questions about the process and their eligibility are invited to contact vpfa@du.edu. To apply, complete the short survey linked above. Applicants will be selected with attention to unit representation and in consultation with the Chairs Advisory Board. Applicants may be required to provide additional information.