Ideas To Impact

As DU celebrates our teacher-scholar model and prepares for an ambitious fundraising campaign, the need for creative, big ideas has never been more essential.  Provost Clark has launched Ideas to Impact, with the goal of identifying what could become transformational, distinguishing ideas for the University of Denver. This campaign is designed to explore some of the most pressing challenges in our world, and consider how DU faculty could help co-create solutions. Toward this end, there was a campus-wide call for big ideas, submitted in the form of white papers and vetted for potential support for teaching, research, and scholarship. Of the ideas that were submitted, eight have been for more in-depth exploration.

May 2023 Ideas to Impact White Papers

Our Goal

Our goal is to identify the top ideas that will lead DU into the future.

To achieve this goal and building on the successes of the Knowledge Bridges project (e.g., the Migration/Immigration Knowledge Bridge, and the Mental Health Collaborative), Ideas to Impact focuses on existing transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary concepts, including: 

Educational Pathways

IdeastoImpact  offers an opportunitytorefine and enhance theseconceptsas well as generate newbig ideas.

Ideas to Impact Workshop Resources