Introducing our Faculty Fellow for Workload Equity

Sep 5, 2023

Dr. Lina Reznicek-Parrado (Spanish Language, Literary and Cultural Studies Department) will serve as Faculty Fellow for Workload Equity, supporting the institutional effort to establish clearer and systematic processes surrounding workload equity—that is, the way faculty work is understood, distributed, and rewarded. Lina can facilitate conversations, support brainstorming ideas, and help troubleshoot departments, department leaders and/or administrators who are interested in jumpstarting, developing or furthering workload equity efforts.   

As part of Lina’s efforts to facilitate conversation, ideas and possible action items for departments and or unit leaders, she has created a roadmap” for workload equity that can help guide faculty place to a starting point that makes sense based on a particular context, and that offers potential action items to make progress in better understanding how to address and engage with workload equity. She can be reached for consultation and support at 

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