SoTL Faculty Fellows Winter Retreat

Jan 8, 2023

Congratulations to the inaugural SoTL Faculty Fellows for a successful fall quarter, culminating in the Winter Retreat! Since August, fellows have engaged in thoughtful and reflective conversations about teaching and learning, and embarked on a research journey to systematically explore student learning and success. During the winter retreat, fellows attended talks and participated in various workshops, including “Making SoTL Work Count” by Dr. Roberto Corrada, and “Learning from SoTL Failures” by Dr. Alison Staudinger. In the new year, fellows will continue this important research on student learning and present their findings to the DU community. Stay tuned for more updates from the fellows! The SoTL Faculty Fellows program starts every August. Interested faculty should reach out to Dr. Kayoung Kim, Director of SoTL and FLCs at 

Click here for more information on the SoTL Faculty Fellowship


SoTL Retreat Participants: 

Kayoung Kim, Office of Teaching & Learning

Roberto Corrada, Law

Virginie Cassidy, Center for World Languages & Cultures

Becca Ciancanelli, Office of the Provost

Xue He, Center for World Languages & Cultures

Kellie Keeling, Business

Sada Narayanappa, Mathematics & Computer Science

Holly Roof, Business

Alisha Stanton, Office of International Education

Ethel Swartley, Center for World Languages & Cultures

Susan Walter, Spanish Language, Literary and Cultural Studies

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