Inaugural COIL Institute

Sep 4, 2022

By: Leslie Cramblet Alvarez, Director of the Office of Teaching and Learning

In August, fourteen faculty members participated in the inaugural COIL institute, co-sponsored by the Office of Internationalization and the Office of Teaching and Learning. Pairing local and international faculty, Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) leverages online technologies to deliver global learning and intercultural experiences in the classroom (SUNY COIL Center). While not a replacement for international mobility, COIL has the capacity to provide all students with access to such intercultural learning and relationship opportunities, making this pedagogical approach more equitable and inclusive.

During the institute, faculty partnered to create a hypothetical COIL course, grappling with the co-creation of global and intercultural learning outcomes, along with learning activities to facilitate the attainment of those outcomes. The institute was developed following a DU team’s (Casey Dinger, Leslie Cramblet Alvarez, Levi Lindsey) participation in the Florida International University’s COIL Virtual Exchange Leadership Institute in 2021.

Interested in learning more? The Office of Internationalization (INTZ) hosts a self-paced Canvas course to introduce faculty to the basics of the COIL approach. You can also work with INTZ to find a partner or get started. Look for upcoming COIL opportunities on the OTL calendar.

Institute Attendees:

Angelo Castagnino, Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Donna Beth Ellard, English

Matt Hill, Writing Program

Lydia Gil Keff, Languages, Spanish Language, Literary & Cultural Studies

Wojciech Kossek, Computer Science

Maik Nwosu, English

H.G. Parsa, Hospitality Management

Erika Polson, Media, Film, and Journalism Studies

Ping Qiu, Languages & Literatures

Don Smith, Law

Hilary Smith, History

Elizabeth Sperber, Political Science

Jing Sun, Political Science

Mei Yin, Mathematics

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