Newsletters & Podcasts in Faculty Development

Apr 5, 2022

The pandemic has accelerated the proliferation of subscription-based media targeted at niche audiences, including faculty. Here are a few newsletters and podcasts that get us through the difficult weeks, or provide inspiration for our teaching and scholarly work.


#MHAWS: Mirya Holman’s Aggressive Winning Scholars Newsletter

This (NSFW) newsletter on “surviving and thriving in academia” comes from political scientist and talented writer Mirya Holman. Holman offers practical tips to help faculty succeed without completely losing it or working obsessively. #MHAWS is written in a conversational tone that doesn’t shy away from addressing the realities of academic life. Check out a sample newsletter here: 

Click here for MHAWS


Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast

Hosted by Bonni Stachowiak, Dean of Teaching and Learning at Vanguard University of Southern California, Teaching in Higher Ed offers over 400 episodes with guest experts on every aspect of teaching, learning, and faculty life. Many come with resources to implement these ideas in the classroom.

Click here for Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast


The Agile Academic

This wide-ranging podcast is “for women in and around higher education.” Host Rebecca Pope-Ruark, who has a forthcoming book on burnout, talks with guests about career vitality, burnout, and everything in between.

Click here for The Agile Academic


Research in Action

Active from 2016–2020, Research in Action episodes feature experts from a range of disciplines discussing research in higher education.

Click here for Research in Action


Dead Ideas in Teaching and Learning

Dead Ideas asks us to rethink what we “know” about how humans learn and how that shapes our pedagogy and course design. Hosted by the Columbia University CTL Executive Director Catherine Ross, the podcast features teaching and learning guest stars, including DU Writing faculty Jesse Stommel who talks “ungrading” in season 2, episode 2.

Click here for Dead Ideas in Teaching


You’ve Got This!

A podcast dedicated to helping academics and higher education professionals seek self-knowledge, playfully experiment, and live core values with intention.

Click here for You Can Do It!


National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity Monthly Newsletter& Monday Motivator

Check out this newsletter to stay up to date on programming and ideas for thriving every week.

Click here for Faculty Diversity