University Policies Website

Jan 26, 2022

We are excited to share our new University Policies website, where we encourage faculty to find and access the most updated University-Wide policies

We launched the new site last summer, and it includes a searchable Policy Library with 84 current University Policies, with new ones added in real time.

All but a few of the policies that used to be housed across multiple websites have been reformatted and/or updated and moved to the new site. The few policies that have not been moved are in the process of being updated and added. The new University Policies website is also accessible via the Pioneerweb Employee tab, under “Policies” in the Employee Resources box. As this is a University-wide resource, many departmental or divisional policies, while very useful, are not stored here and must conform to University policies and practices. In the instance of a departmental or divisional policy difference that contradicts what is found in the University Policy manual, the version on the University Policies website is considered official.

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