DU at the American Association for Colleges & Universities Conference

Dec 2, 2021

At the 2022 American Association for Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) conference in January, Provost Mary Clark will join Vice Provost Kate Willink, Resident Scholar for TPF and Associate Clinical Professor Laura Sponsler, and Director of Development & Career Advancement Alison Staudinger in presenting on the University’s growth in support for full time non-tenure track faculty, which has been recognized by the 2021 Delphi Award. The presentation will focus on the importance of ongoing organizational learning, governance, and professional development for developing a culture of respect and trust across faculty lines. We will also share the scorecard Dr. Sponsler created in her white paper which other campuses may use to analyze where they are in the institutionalization process. Following the presentation, the Provost will host a reception with area leaders and DU alumni.

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