Opportunities for Faculty to Engage the 4D Experience

Nov 2, 2021

4D Faculty and Staff Learning Community

The 4D Learning Community offers both faculty and staff educators the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of students’ needs and best practices in holistic student learning and development; inclusive curricular and co-curricular design; and assessment of teaching and learning around the four dimensions (4D) of advancing intellectual growth, exploring character, promoting well-being, and pursuing careers and lives of purpose.

Facilitated by the Faculty and Staff Co-Directors of the 4D Experience, the 4D Learning Community will progress through ten sessions focused on the educational design elements central to the 4D. These sessions will be co-led by critical curricular and co-curricular partners to highlight how we can work together to support holistic learning and development, and take an integrated approach to teaching, learning, and programming. Topics include the public good; justice, equity, diversity, and inclusivity; inclusive teaching and learning; integrative learning and high-impact practices; global learning; mentoring; and career development.

For more information on the 4D Learning Community, click HERE
Deadline to apply: Wednesday, December 1st | 12:00pm

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4D Infusion Grants 

The 4D Infusion Grant supports faculty, staff, and co-curricular educators in conceptualizing, developing, and implementing a specific project that enhances student learning and development around the 4D. These projects may take a variety of forms and may apply towards either curricular or co-curricular educational design over the course of an academic year. Projects will be evaluated on the basis of potential impact; integrative or collaborative design; and scalability.

It is expected that 7–8 grants will be awarded for projects taking place over the 2022 winter and spring quarters. Individual applicants are eligible to receive up to $700; teams (not to exceed more than three people) may receive up to $1,500.

For more information on 4D Infusion Grants, click HERE
Deadline to apply: Wednesday, December 1st | 12:00pm

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4D Innovations Co-Curricular Working Group

The 4D Innovations Working Group will serve as an incubator of creativity and connectivity in the co-curricular space. Comprising co-curricular partners from across campus, the 4D Innovations Group will meet biweekly to collaboratively reimagine, design, and integrate models and practices that further embed the 4D across the co-curriculum. As a design studio, the 4D Innovations Group will seek to foster dynamic co-curricular learning environments; integrate learning across contexts; and test and assess models for scale and impact. This work will serve not only to support and enhance co-curricular learning goals and objectives but also to ensure a more integrated experience for students given the greater integration and collaboration between co-curricular activities.

For more information on the 4D Innovations Working Group, click HERE
Deadline to apply: Friday, November 5th | 12:00pm

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4D Open Houses 

Interested in learning more about the above opportunities or connecting with us in person?

We would love to see you at one of our two 4D Open Houses:

Monday, November 1st | 12:00–1:30pm
Community Commons, Room 1600

Thursday, November 4th | 12:00–1:30pm
Community Commons, Room 1600


Food will be served!


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