Academic Impressions Institutional Membership: What’s in It for You?

May 4, 2021

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

By Roshaon Tytar, Account Manager at Academic Impressions

Through a new campus-wide partnership with Academic Impressions (AI), all DU Faculty now have unlimited access to AI’s learning opportunities, including a comprehensive suite of resources on career advancement, research and scholarship, and teaching—all designed specifically for faculty. 

To get started, navigate to to log in using Single Sign-On. Should you have any questions about getting started, please reach out to our Academic Impressions Account Manager, Roshaon Tytar, at

For Deans

With the changing landscape of higher ed, Academic Deans require a more diverse set of skills than ever before to navigate continued uncertainty, realign programs to market demand and workforce changes, and find opportunities for growth.  

For your own development…  

AI offers a host of Leadership Development opportunities specifically designed for Academic Leaders, including:


For Associate Deans

As Associate Deans, you play an essential role in steering the critical functions of the college or school. AI resources are designed to both support your own professional development and make it easier to put these resources directly in the hands of faculty.   

For your own development…  

You will find a variety of resources designed for your own personal and professional development, including topics like:  


For Chairs and Directors

Department Chairs and Directors face a unique set of challenges within higher ed, requiring professional development opportunities designed specifically for them. The newly established partnership between Academic Impressions (AI) and the University of Denver will help Chairs and Directors address the challenges within their roles and help them better support their faculty.  

For your own development… 

A culture of positive, collaborative, and productive leadership starts with you. Explore dozens of resources designed by and for department chairs. Topics include: 


For Faculty

Academic Impressions’ Leadership Development content provides holistic support for your professional growth. Designed to elevate your professional development experience, the resources below are just a sample of topics that can help you extend your focus beyond day-to-day responsibilities. 

Be sure to check out our extensive hub of resources for women leaders, too.

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