WAG Winter 2021

Feb 3, 2021

By Libby Catchings, WAG faculty Coordinator

Whatever the role that research plays in their professional lives, DU faculty in every series face common challenges,  including competing commitments, caregiving burdens, demanding service loads, and even occasional low motivation. The good news: Writing Accountability Groups (WAGs) enable faculty to cultivate sustainable writing habits and meaningful, achievable goals without sacrificing teaching, relationships with colleagues, or self-care. Unlike a disciplinary writing group which might share or review content, the interdisciplinary WAG emphasizes mutual encouragement to meet goals and the embedding of scholarly work in daily practice.

WAG members—who might be early-, mid-, or advanced-career faculty–enjoy access to NCFDD media resources, daily writing tools, and discussion of topics from project management to mentorship. WAG members commit to writing daily and to meeting for an hour and a half each week to share their progress (and setbacks!). WAGs have many potential benefits (Plummer et al. 2019; Thorpe et all 2020; White 2010). If you’ve tried “30-day yoga”—or maybe a “Dry January,” you know how helpful it can be to connect with others on the same journey.

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