Best Practices for: Inclusive Hiring

Aug 28, 2020

In our continued effort to build a diverse and inclusive educational environment at DU, and to provide a resource for deans and department chairs to leverage in their own hiring models, we have compiled some examples of best practices for inclusive hiring that are currently being implemented on campus. This month, we’re highlighting the practices of ODEI and CAHSS.

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI), in close collaboration with the Provost’s Office and the Vice-Provost of Faculty Affairs, is recommending that all of DU’s faculty job searches have each of the components below. In addition, ODEI provides anti-bias training to the faculty search teams and will be setting up dates for search team members to zoom in the beginning in September.

Job Ad Components
Best Practices and Engagements – Faculty Search[1009]


Our goal is to ensure effective engagement of everyone, and not having DEI be an add-on, but authentically inherent in where we are going – how we are developing and improving our scholarship, creativity, and curriculum – to meet current and future needs. These materials were developed through cross consultation with chairs and directors sharing best practices in their departments, and then building a consistent framework, getting input from ODEI and HRIC, and working out shared understandings.

CAHSS Checklist for Faculty Hiring
CAHSS Faculty Hiring Guide AY19-20
CAHSS Policy & Practices for Faculty References
CAHSS Procedures

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