Faculty Onboarding

Jun 13, 2020

Since January, a group of us have been meeting with the goal of improving our new faculty onboarding process and coordinating between units, departments, and university offices to maximize synergies and communicate an intentional year-long faculty onboarding experience. The members of our cross-functional team are:

  • Bella Peccolo, Learning Program Coordinator, HR
  • Ingrid Tague, Associate Dean, CAHSS
  • Jack Maness, Associate Dean, University Libraries
  • Karen Swanson, Director, Faculty Learning and Scholarship, OTL
  • Kate Willink, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
  • Ken Pinnock, Director, People Development, HR
  • Kimberly Bender, Interim Associate Provost for Research
  • Kristin Deal, Director, ODEI
  • Leslie Alvarez, Director, OTL
  • Terri Johnson, Faculty Developer of Learning Initiatives, OTL
  • Mark Engberg, Associate Dean, MCE

We would like to thank these campus leaders for helping to welcome our new colleagues who we worked hard to recruit and whose success we want to ensure.

Here are a few immediate onboarding activities:

On Wednesday, June 17, the Symposium MOARS group will meet with new tenure track faculty members via Zoom to discuss their upcoming transition to DU. In preparation for this session, the group created a Qualtrics survey to better understand our new faculty’s needs and desires related to onboarding, including moving to Denver, building community, and teaching and research.

Next week all new faculty will receive an email from the Provost welcoming them to DU and helping them navigate COVID- related information and hyflex teaching resources. This year, for the first-time, faculty will receive letters weekly in the following order: provost,  Office of Teaching & Learning, VPFA, ORSP, ODEI, HRIC, & Faculty Senate. You will be copied on these emails so you aware of what your new faculty are receiving.

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