COACHE Faculty Retention and Exit Survey

Dec 28, 2019

COACHE Faculty Retention and Exit survey is underway, our first year in a three-year study. This brief, IRB-approved study will help us better understand what factors influence DU’s ability to retain or not retain our talented faculty members. The Retention and Exit Survey will interview three populations of faculty:

  • Faculty who have left DU
  • Faculty who received another offer but chose to stay at DU
  • Faculty who received preemptive offers from DU

The survey was sent to 36 faculty for retention or pre-emptive retention and 11 faculty who left DU last academic year.

We are committed to doing all we can to use our findings to make DU a better place to work for faculty. Data-driven feedback will be important in helping academic leaders at DU to attract and retain the best and brightest scholars and teachers. For more information about COACHE’s research into this area, visit the COACHE website.

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