Best Practices: Communication

Dec 28, 2019

Sharing Chairs & Directors Meeting Topics:

Supporting communication and feedback loops with all faculty can be challenging. In order to improve communication with and among CAHSS departments, schools, and programs, this fall the CAHSS’s dean’s office began sharing meeting topics from our biweekly Chairs & Directors meetings. We hope that this will encourage discussion between the faculty and their chairs/directors and increase awareness and involvement of CAHSS faculty in matters of significance to them.

Cultural and Procedural Norms for Meetings:

Cultural and Procedural Norms

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Morgridge uses the attached PDF at all meetings. We print this back-to-back on cardstock so it forms a large bookmark card that can be placed on the meeting table and handed out (The Culture of our Morgridge on one side and Morgridge Meeting Procedures on the other side).

This document has evolved over the past 6 years. The Morgridge faculty and staff participate annually in various feedback activities and discussions at retreats, offering updates and improvements. Our Inclusive Excellence Committee collects the feedback, refines it, and updates the norms. This past spring it was reviewed again by the entire MCE faculty and staff and no changes were made to this version – so it seems that these norms and procedures capture the values and aspirations of our MCE community.

Do you have a best practice you’d like to share? We would love to include in our next newsletter. Please send your ideas to Kate or Kristi.