Hiring Flow

Oct 20, 2019

Why This Matters

With the launch of the new Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs Office, we are excited about offering more support to you and faculty within your department. Our office has many resources to help your search committees with faculty hiring. As you know, we recently moved the electronic hiring platform to PioneerJobs and this has meant a learning curve for all. A brand-new portfolio site has been created that explains some of the nuts and bolts of navigating this new process. You can log on with your normal DU login. We also created this process map to explain the many steps of the hiring process.

What We Are Asking You to Do

Familiarize yourself with the new documents and processes and share them with business officers, faculty hiring committees, and department chairs or appropriate people in your unit.

More Information

In an effort to support clarity and transparency for deans, associate deans, department chairs, and search committee chairs, we worked with Marcy Cozzens (Shared Services), Ken Pinnock (HRIC), Linda Kosten (Office of the Provost), Jeff Quinlisk (AHSS Business Officer), and Kristin Deal (ODEI) to create a process map. This document should make the process clearer to search committees and will help us all understand the various steps and how they connect to different DU systems necessary in hiring. DU has an ongoing institutional commitment to faculty diversity. The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) is available to have talent management conversations prior to a search, review job descriptions, conduct search committee training, as well as provide extra financial resources for some postings. Don’t forget to reach out to ODEI at the beginning of the hiring process to take advantage of their many resources and great ideas. As always, feel free to reach out to Kate Willink or Kristi Burgert with specific questions.

Key Documents

Faculty Hiring Portfolio Site – Log on with your DU credentials.

There is also good information in Canvas in the Faculty Procedures and Data Training course which was previously available to business officers. This course is now open to anyone and we are continuing to update the various modules

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