Caring for Yourself

If you’re trying to maintain your well-being as a caregiver, you might try out the practical approaches to community-building, thriving, and self-reflection published in this journal article; it also includes complementary ideas for institutional support. This  tool offers a self-assessment to help identify these issues: Caregiver Burnout: Symptoms and How to Avoid ThemOr consider these ideas from the Child Mind Institute, including managing stress as a single parent, supporting children with mental health issues, and overall coping. This Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook provides an overview of why you might be feeling off, and some exercises for simple reframing or processing. For those who care for adults or the elderly, the Mayo clinic offers these tips.

At DU, there are resources such as Support Link, which provides asynchronous support for all DU employees, including specific content about caregiving and childcare. The Support Link virtual platform also can connect you to counseling or text-based support. There are also offerings for virtual classes through DU or Cigna, part of Well@DU from HRIC. DU’s Coors Fitness Center is open with limited capacity, with opportunities for using the gym or lap swimming. If you are worried about a colleague, please use the Faculty and Staff Support Network (FSSN) to share your concern. FSSN is confidential, and will connect your colleagues to support and resources.