Writing Support for Faculty

Oct 2, 2021

When it comes to writing, faculty in every series face common challenges, including competing service commitments, caregiving burdens, and pedagogical demands.

The good news: Writing Accountability Groups (WAG) and Write-in-Place (WIP) sessions hold space for faculty to cultivate sustainable writing habits and meaningful, achievable goals without sacrificing teaching, relationships, or self-care.

Unlike a disciplinary writing group which might workshop content, the WAG program emphasizes mutual encouragement, goal-setting, and embedding scholarly work in daily practice. Participants can join an NCFDD curriculum-driven small group (WAG), or a Write-in-Place (WIP) session over the course of the week; both enjoy access to NCFDD media resources, daily writing tools, and discussion of topics from project management to mentorship.

Fall groups have already gotten underway, but to learn more or be placed in a Winter Accountability Group for the next term, email Libby Catchings at Elizabeth.catchings@du.edu. 

We also offer virtual and in person space where faculty can sit and work on their own projects. For those who’d like to take advantage of drop-in Write-in-Place sessions, you’ll find Zoom and face-to-face locations below:


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