COVID-19 Protocols for Winter 2021

Jan 11, 2021

An overview from Derigan Silver, Deputy COVID-19 Coordinator

  1. Faculty should teach in their assigned modality from the first day of the term;
  2. Faculty will not have to take their class fully online after/for a positive test in their class unless told to do so by the COVID coordinator office;
  3. Faculty will be informed if someone in their class has tested positive only if the faculty member was closer than 6 feet to the student for more than 15 minutes. Distancing protocols are such that this unlikely to happen;
  4. Faculty should expect that some students will already be in quarantine/isolation on the first day of class;
  5. The university will be testing faculty, staff, and students with much greater frequency than it did in the fall. This frequency will vary by risk associated with the faculty, staff, or student.
  6. Retesting will be mandatory in the winter and access to campus will be revoked for not following the testing protocols. This is true for faculty, staff, and students.