Congratulations Summer You Rock! Award Winners

Sep 5, 2023

The You Rock! Program encourages faculty and staff to recognize each other for small and large accomplishments. Nominations can be submitted at any time throughout the year and recipients are recognized quarterly.  


June Recipients 

Maggie Burkhardt, Planning and Budget Office
Emilia Clayton, MCE 

Naaz Barma, Korbel
Megan Kelly, Writing Center
Kevin Lynch, Sturm
Rachel Sigman, Korbel
Scott Toney, Daniels 



July Recipients 


Lew Westover, Information Technology 

Spencer Anderson, Information Technology  

Abbey Krause, Business and Operations  

Annie Edmundowicz, Natural Sciences and Math  

Kayoung Kim, Office of Teaching and Learning  

Katia Miller, Institutional Research 



August Recipients 


Mary Clark, Provost  

Lloyd Moore, Director of Benefits  



Tabitha Carver-Roberts, Butler Institute   

Bianca Kumar, Registrar’s Office 

Caroline Newcomb, SDS 

Franklin Jackson, Digital Media Services & AV Design Services  

Andrea Groth, HRIC  

Rebecca Edginton, University Financial Services  

Grace Vigliotti, Recruitment  

Mona Moayedi, Anderson Academic Commons 

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