Faculty Award Submissions Due February 10, 2023

Feb 5, 2023

Please consider yourself or your colleagues for nomination. Each distinction includes an award of $2,000. All 2020–21 and 2021–22 nominations remain active and updates are requested. Students making nominations may seek the assistance of the President of the Faculty Senate.

Please include a nomination letter (of no more than two pages), a curriculum vita, and no more than five written statements of support from colleagues, students, alumni and others as appropriate (e.g., a nomination for Distinguished Teacher is appropriately supported by letters from students, alumni, and outside colleagues positioned to judge teaching excellence; nominations for Lecturer and Distinguished Scholar are appropriately supported by letters from outside scholars). Because distinguished teaching is not limited to the classroom, please consider mentoring and outreach activities as well. The nomination letter should summarize the nominee’s scholarship, teaching, and/or service accomplishments, highlighting those of exceptional merit. Summaries of students’ numerical course evaluations will be appreciated for consideration of teaching awards.

A Senate Subcommittee will consider and make recommendations based only on its review of the material outlined above. Please indicate the award for which the nomination is being made, but do not hesitate to indicate more than one award for which the nominee should be considered. The Awards Subcommittee of the Faculty Senate Personnel Committee makes recommendations to the Provost, the Chancellor, and the Board of Trustees, who make the final selections. The committee recommendations are taken very seriously.


Please read award descriptions carefully and submit nominations in PDF format to the Faculty Senate, c/o Faculty Senate President Renée Botta via email Renee.Botta@du.edu.

Deadline for nominations is February 10, 2023.  


Award Titles:

Distinguished Scholar Award

Distinguished Teaching Award

Faculty Service Award

University Lecturer

Ruth Murray Underhill Teaching Award


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