​​You may be wondering, What is FAAD? No, it’s not another trend in the higher-education acronyms alphabet soup. FAAD stands for the Faculty Affairs Associate Deans, and it is comprised of associate deans from every unit, charged with supporting faculty and faculty matters.

FAAD began in October 2019 with the following goals:

  1. Learn from and with each other about academic-unit-level faculty-affairs issues, and share solutions in the form of policies, processes, and practices;
  2. Build horizontal muscle memory across campus at the associate-deans level to build capacity for problem solving, coordination, and collaboration across campus;
  3. Create a feedback loop between faculty affairs associate deans and the provost’s office; and
  4. Offer professional development opportunities to associate deans.

Originally intended to meet every 4–6 weeks, FAAD met weekly from the beginning of the pandemic until June of 2020 to work in a proactive and responsive way to address faculty issues and needs across campus.

This year, FAAD meets bi-weekly and our agenda topics have included inclusive hiring best practices, workload equity, abrasive conduct, faculty mentoring, and mentoring of BIPOC faculty in particular. Many thanks to all the FAAD associate deans for creating and sustaining this high-functioning collective in service of faculty!