Faculty and Staff Support Network (FSSN) Update

Feb 3, 2021

By Linzy Coffey, Wellbeing Coordinator

If you notice that a co-worker or colleague is behaving in a way that causes you concern or creates an environment at work that you believe is harmful or unsafe, please know you have the option to submit an anonymous referral to the Faculty and Staff Support Network (FSSN). The FSSN will allow you to intervene discreetly, without concern for repercussions. You also can self-refer through the FSSN for advice on where to turn to at DU when you need assistance.

FSSN is patterned after DU’s Student Outreach and Support (SOS) referral system. Like SOS, it is staffed by University health professionals who form a behavioral intervention team that evaluates referrals and determines next steps.

Submitted referrals are reviewed by this intervention team and, where judged helpful, an outreach is made quickly to the employee of concern. The team also contacts the person who submitted the referral to let them know it was received. Information is shared on a need-to-know basis in order to ensure that appropriate next steps are taken in a timely fashion and with as little exposure as possible for all parties. The referral form is not anonymous, but the referrer’s identity will be kept confidential. If outside resources are needed, further referral will take place and the employee will be supported through the process. The link to the referral form may be found here.

You  will find additional information at these links:

For more information about the FSSN process, please email well@du.edu or call 303-871-3840.

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