Teaching and Professional Faculty (TPT) Initiatives

Nov 3, 2020

TPT White Paper to Be Released Friday, November 6

This white paper will be released this Friday to all faculty and highlights the unique experiences and challenges facing Teaching and Professional Faculty, at the University of Denver (DU). DU has committed to Teaching and Professional Faculty (TPF) (or faculty off the tenure track) by codifying full-time employment with opportunities for advancement and promotion for this group through revised policies and procedures. This white paper is aimed at providing DU with a framework for supporting the key elements of faculty work including collegiality, shared governance, and academic culture by creating a culture of respect. The data from this paper come from existing data sources and serve as a starting point for future study, collaboration, and institutional change based on a framework of creating a welcoming, collegial, inclusive, and respectful culture for all faculty.

Programming for TPT Faculty Faculty Learning Community: Tools for Success

Tools for Success is a year-long Faculty Learning Community (FLC) designed for teaching and professional faculty at the assistant rank at the University of Denver. The FLC will explore areas essential to the success of teaching faculty including community building, effective instruction, wellness, DU culture, promotion, national trends, inclusive excellence, and university resources.

Learn more about FLC and how to get involved