Faculty Web Profiles

Apr 4, 2020

The University and the Division of Marketing and Communications continue to work toward a more consistent presence for all faculty on DU’s website. As we do this, we want to be transparent with faculty about the decisions that are being made in regard to faculty data, and its impact on individual profiles and the DU brand in general.

We are beginning with establishing consistent practices for the following data points:

  • Faculty Names: A faculty member’s name will appear on their website as their legal name, unless a Professional Name has been designated. To designate a Professional Name, please email Shared Services at sharedservices@du.edu. Please indicate the full name as you would like it to be displayed.
  • Faculty Titles: All titles a faculty member has will display on their Faculty Profile. Administrative titles will appear first (e.g., Associate Dean), then Rank titles (e.g., Associate Professor). If you have concerns about how your Titles are appearing, please reach out to your Unit’s Business Officer to update and/or correct your Titles.
  •  Office Addresses: Building Addresses will appear on Faculty Profiles, but Office Room Numbers will not appear on the website. This is for security reasons
  • Office Phone Numbers: Phone numbers will be listed on Faculty Profiles.
  • Social Media: Faculty may manage the personal social media sites they would like linked to their Profile through the Web Profile page in Activity Insight.

We appreciate your support and patience as we continue to transition to more consistent faculty data formats across campus. Please feel free to reach out to Katie Schroeder with any questions.