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The COACHE survey asked faculty about academic life on the DU campus. Specifically, faculty were asked to: identify the best and worst aspects of working at DU, if they would recommend working at DU to a colleague, and, finally, to suggest targeted areas of improvement for the university.

The purpose of these questions is to generate information that can be used to inform community and institutional action and are presented for review below. We provide an overview of the key data points. COACHE also presents comparative data relative to the cohort of 103 schools who completed the survey and 5 “peer” schools. The 2019 and 2023 preliminary reports are useful for comparison purposes. It highlights differences for pre-tenured faculty, faculty who identify as women, and those who identify as faculty of color which are also highlighted and described under each off the six key areas for growth below.


To access the preliminary report, follow these directions:

  • Login to MyDU with your DU ID and password
  • Type “COACHE Survey 2019 Initial Report” or “COACHE Survey 2023 Initial Report” into the search bar
  • Click on the first result to open the report


2023 Results