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COACHE defines collaboration as faculty working together with students, peers, administrators, or other colleagues inside and outside of the institution, and with the broader community through service or outreach programs.


How do we compare to our peer/cohort

Response options ranged from 1-5 where 5 is the most favorable. The functional range of responses for the 103 schools in the cohort was approximately 2.75-4.1. DU scored 3.45/5, which was in the bottom third of the cohort. This level of satisfaction with collaboration was relatively evenly endorsed by pre-tenured faculty, associate faculty, faculty who identify as women, faculty who identify as faculty of color, and among the entire faculty.

Survey terms that relate to this category include

Q105. Please rate your level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your opportunities for collaboration with:

  1. Other members of your department
  2. Faculty outside your institution
  3. Within your institution, faculty outside your department