Previous DAT Cohorts

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DAT Cohort 2

Department of Biological Sciences

Amanda Klinger, PhD Student

Erica Larson, Assistant Professor

Julie Morris, Teaching Professor

Shannon Murphy, Professor

Nancy Sasaki, Teaching Professor (Team Lead)

Sarah Willis, Assistant Teaching Professor

Department of Business Information and Analytics

Tamara Hannaway, Associate Teaching Professor

Kellie Keeling, Associate Professor, Dept Chair (Team Lead)

Kerry-Ann Lewis Pearcy, Assistant Teaching Professor

Holly Roof, Assistant Teaching Professor

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Davor Balzar, Chair, Associate Professor

Steve Iona, Teaching Professor (Team Lead)

Dinah Loerke, Associate Professor

Mark Siemens, Professor

DAT Cohort 1

University Writing Program

Brad Benz, Teaching Professor

Sheila Carter-Tod, Executive Director and Associate Professor (team lead)

Richard Colby, Teaching Professor and Director of First Year Writing

Rob Gilmor, Teaching Associate Professor

Sarah Hart Micke, Teaching Professor

Juli Parrish, Teaching Professor and Writing Center Director

Joe Ponce, Office Manager, Fritz Knoebel 

Angela Sowa, Teaching Professor

First Year Language Program

Virginie Cassidy, Director & Teaching Associate Professor

Polina Maksimovich, Teaching Assistant Professor

Kate Rice, Adjunct Faculty

Emily Sposeto, Teaching Assistant Professor (team lead)

Department of Teaching and Learning Sciences

Rashida Banerjee, Professor

Norma Hafenstein, Clinical Professor (team lead)

Rachel Lim, Senior Academic Advisor

Kayla McCreadie, Faculty

Devadrita Talapatra, Associate Professor