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  3. Internal Transparency Process

Internal Transparency Process

The goal of presenting initial COACHE data results to the University of Denver community is to invite the campus to examine the data and become fluent in the areas to be improved and work together to find solutions that improve DU faculty life. The governance of data access and communication will be faculty led to assure transparency of both the process of the data presentation as well as how it will be used to address faculty-designated issues and needs across campus. Access to the survey data as well as how to navigate the data as presented will be addressed to develop an ethos of openness and trust. If you have any questions or requests around data access and interpretation please contact the COACHE Executive Committee.

COACHE is the first pilot of the new shared data governance model.

New projects will flow in and between the data analysis, governance, and communication committees. Since COACHE data have already been analyzed by Harvard, these results have been passed along to the data governance and data communications committee for release. A secondary analysis of the COACHE data will be performed and those results will be funneled through this new shared data governance model for future release.

COACHE Timeline

Spring 2019Survey
Summer 2019Survey
October 2019Survey
November 2019 Receive Results
November 2019Receive Results
January 2020Share Results
December 2019/January 2020Data Analysis
February 20, 2020Engagement
Winter Quarter 2020Data Analysis
March 2020Share Results
Spring Quarter 2020 Share Results
Spring Quarter 2020Spring Quarter 2020
Spring Quarter 2020Engagement