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COACHE defines collaboration as faculty working together with students, peers, administrators, or other colleagues inside and outside of the institution, and with the broader community through service or outreach programs.


How do we compare to our peer/cohort

Response options ranged from 1-5 where 5 is the most favorable. The functional range of responses for the 103 schools in the cohort was approximately 2.75-4.1. DU scored 3.45/5, which was in the bottom third of the cohort. This level of satisfaction with collaboration was relatively evenly endorsed by pre-tenured faculty, associate faculty, faculty who identify as women, faculty who identify as faculty of color, and among the entire faculty.

Survey terms that relate to this category include

Q105. Please rate your level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your opportunities for collaboration with:

  1. Other members of your department
  2. Faculty outside your institution
  3. Within your institution, faculty outside your department

What is currently happening

Faculty Symposium
In the summer of 2019 the Faculty Senate and the Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs hosted a summer symposium. Thirty four faculty from across campus came together for two days to engage in collective problem solving around an issue of shared concern: Creating collaborative department cultures and chairs.  This was a new kind of opportunity for faculty, one that brought together colleagues from across disciplines and ranks to discuss big ideas, possibilities, and opportunities. We gathered together with a shared purpose: Improving the lives of faculty members in their department. We know that being within a truly fair and fundamentally just collaborative department culture and climate is among most important interventions for the quality of faculty life.  That quality of life is what predicts affective commitment to institutional goals and challenges that require innovations across boundaries and disciplines. The presence of open, fair, and transparent departmental deliberation and decision processes and a departmental leader who sees it as their primary responsibility to safeguard the integrity of the process is a necessary condition of a collaborative climate. Such a climate both requires and generates faculty commitment, belonging, and results in greater professional success and satisfaction. Log in here to learn more about the summer symposium.


What Is Next

Over the next year, https://duvpfa.com/blog/2019/12/27/symposium-implementation-update/.

For updates on the symposium initiatives see the symposium website (coming soon).