Upcoming Opportunities with 4D

Jan 8, 2023

Check out these opportunities to connect with 4D and colleagues.

4D Mentorship Collaborative

The newly established 4D Mentorship Collaborative is a community of university faculty and staff dedicated to fostering and advancing a rich and inclusive culture of mentorship at DU. During monthly meetings, the 4D Mentorship Collaborative will share best practices and research on mentorship; co-create standardized frameworks, approaches, and resources; collaborate on programs, events, and training; and increase cross-campus communication, coordination, and collaboration to enhance mentorship at DU. 

While the 4D Mentorship Collaborative will serve as an umbrella working group for those involved in a range of mentoring relationships and structures, members will participate in one or more subcommittees focused on particular types of mentoring relationships (i.e., the Alumni and Professional Mentoring Subcommittee). 

To register your interest in becoming part of the 4D Mentorship Collaborative, please fill out this short form


4D Constellation of Support Program

The 4D team is pleased to announce the launch of the 4D Constellation of Support Program. Over a series of sessions in winter 2023, content experts will provide faculty, staff, and graduate students with frameworks and strategies for caring for themselves, colleagues, and students. By participating in this professional and personal development program, individuals will take part in building a stronger, more resilient community and constellation of support in line with the holistic 4D model. 

Interactive sessions will focus on a range of relevant topics, including empathetic communication, inclusion/belonging, mentoring, and mental health first aid. To receive the 4D Constellation of Support badge, participants will attend six of ten sessions and complete short, written reflections. Participants who earn the badge will be recognized at the spring 4D Symposium as an individual who has affirmed their commitment to strengthening and elevating the campus-wide 4D Constellation of Support.

Interested in participating? Register here.

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