Mid-Career Faculty: Announcing Half-Day Workshop on Finding Your Way at the Associate Level

Oct 1, 2021

Ever wondered, “Why Are Associate Professors So Unhappy?” as the Chronicle of Higher Education asked in 2012? Research on mid-career faculty suggests that the time after tenure and/or promotion can be difficult for many who take on additional service responsibilities or find themselves drifting. Others may be content in their mid-career, but still wonder how to spend their energy and time to best advance their most important values and projects. Developing resources and additional support for mid-career faculty is one of the priorities of Faculty Affairs in 2021–2022. This half-day workshop kicks-off that effort. Please join us for the workshop if you would define yourself as “mid-career,” and especially if you’ve gotten tenure and/or been promoted to Associate (in any series) in the past year.

Through the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity, Associate Professor of Biology and Neuroscience at Ursinus College, Dr. Carlita Favero will lead faculty through the process of charting next steps.

Visit the OTL webs site for more information.

This workshop is designed for Associate Professors in all series to identify the challenges associated with post-promotion life and to better understand the diverse pathways faculty members can take after winning tenure and/or promotion. In this workshop, we create a space where newly tenured faculty members can pause and intentionally reflect on future possibilities.

Participants will learn:

  • The most common mistakes new faculty members make in their first post-promotion year
  • The NCFDD process for choosing a post-tenure and/or promotion pathway
  • How to create a new mentoring network and support system to ensure success in the next career phase

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